Triton Audio

Triton Audio LogoTriton Audio represents the finest quality available today. Designed and engineered in the United States, Triton Audio is built and marketed to meet the needs of today’s dealer and end consumer. A no compromise design approach that requires the product to work in all of today’s vehicles with absolutely no cutting corners is utilized. In all respects Triton Audio is engineered for you.

What is causing people to turn heads is how much our engineering efforts have paid off. Unnecessary costs have been totally eliminated and the savings have been poured back into very elegant products that have the very best sound and durability when blind tested against competitors at similar prices. For example, check out our industry-leading SQ Amplifiers delivering state of the art micro circuitry that packs extraordinary power from a very small footprint – these amplifiers will fit any vehicle whether a motorcycle, ATV, boat, or traditional family sedan.

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