Shuriken High Performance Batteries

Shuriken LogoShuriken batteries can be found powering anything from motorcycles and cabin cruisers to competition audio systems. Shuriken provides the constant voltage needed for optimum sound quality and other uses. These batteries all use absorbed glass matte (AGM) technology and are fully charged, ready to use direct from the factory. They are non-spillable and maintenance free. Because of the AGM design, they can be discharged and recharged hundreds of times with a one-year replacement warranty.

Shuriken Power Cells continue to be extremely resistant to excessive heat and strong vibration. With super-low
ESR and closely packed pure lead plates, each power cell packs a punch. Shuriken Power Cells are designed
to deliver the winning edge at SPL competitions while providing the consistent backup power needed for
powerful car stereo systems, especially when parked for parties and shows.

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