Rachio Smart WiFi Sprinkler Controller

rachio_280Take control of your watering with the ultimate sprinkler controller. Introducing Rachio, the Smart Sprinkler Controller that gives you control of your sprinklers and watering bill, right from your smart phone.

Rachio turns your local forecasts, soil and plant types, sun exposure, and more into a customized watering schedule that saves you water and money. Run from a mobile or web app, Rachio knows when to skip a watering cycle before, during and after it rains so you’ll never use more water than you need. With the app allowing you to check in on your sprinklers at home, work or away and make adjustments at anytime or get alerts whenever Rachio steps in to adjust schedules for rain, freezing temperatures or seasonal changes.

Not only can Rachio help save up to 50% on your outdoor watering bill, it makes sure your plants get just the right amount of water they need to stay healthy and look great. EPA WaterSense certified and tested to the highest industry standards Rachio has already saved over half a billion gallons and can make such a big difference that many local municipalities offer rebates up to 100% of the retail value.

The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller works great by itself or part of the team. Whether you’re looking to hook up with other devices or integrate with leading smart home platforms, Rachio is on it and always looking to add more.

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